let me write a song to explain the pain away to make sense of it all something about the fall of Adam and Eve go to sleep watch the apple and the tree only to get it all wrong

make you hurt a little less by loving a little more overthinking about before and after drown in tears of laughter and start drinking only to be thirsty for more

cry the sad scream the anger feed the fear as loud as deep as you can become entangled with yourself or with them hurry back only to find it all gone

find yourself watch from a distance recognize your you no longer match your words no longer to your actions know no better but know better times will come if just stay still and just stay strong – doesn’t that sound like a song? – grow some more in your dependence on the God of Eve and Adam break the records tear the plaster of your pride – only to realise after some time He’s the master of this life.

Een gedachte over “only

  1. There was no apple involved in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve fell for the temptation that had come over them. By that fall of man we have now the death as a price for our sins. Once we die we have paid for our wrongdoings and then everything is finished for us. Then we decay and become dust, being nothing any more.

    Though when we live we can choose for God and for His sent one, the son of men and son of God, By that anointed one of God salvation can be part of our life and safeguard for our future. But we may not forget, that it is in this life that we have to make our own personal choice: either to choose for God or for the world.

    Yes, we should recognise the Master of this life, Who is not the master of this world, though He is the divine Creator.


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